Cutting Edge Technology

Medixsysteme Focus on Technology over the last 17 years the company has obtained 2 international patents and many awards from the sector for non invasive Face and Body solutions.

From Injection techniques, to Focal ultrasounds or Laser Technologies.

World Class innovation

Innovative solutions in body contouring and skin rejuvenation results from a close dialog with patients and physicians across the world and continuous investment in R&D more than 20% per year.

Quality and Certification

Based on our ISO 13485 certification we are committed to constantly propose high quality solutions to meet our customer highest satisfaction.

Soins Bio
  • Now offering more freedom

  • Now offering more areas

  • Now offering greater efficiency

  • Now greater vibrating effect on fat and cellulite with pulsed fractionated Ultrasounds

  • Now hand free option protocol

20 mins treat.png
  • Still pain free - for client comfort

  • Still a walk in, walk out procedure - no downtime

  • Still non-invasive

  • Still effective for all skin type for men and women



  • Hand free protocol

  • Specific program for all genders

  • Easy to use and intuitive

  • Reduced treatment time available from 20'

  • Internationally patented technology

Infirmière Parler à Patient


Rafael Nunes, M.D. | Plastic Surgeon | Rio De Janeiro | Slim Clinique

"We have a lot of devices in our clinic. Ultracontour is one of the best devices to treat body reshaping non-invasively. In my practice, the number of non-surgical procedures has increased and is now, easily, up to 70% of my business.”

Dr. Manjiri Patankar | Cosmetic Physician | Mumbai | Instasculpt Head Office

An instant, permanent, non-surgical fat loss technique wherein one loses approximately 1-3 inches in areas like abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and arms in an hour.

Fernando Gagliardi | Specialist | Luxembourg | Body Contour Clinique

RTL TV Luxembourg Report: “It is painless and from the first session, you notice centimeters reduction. Ultrasounds to treat subcutaneous fat, is a great alternative to aesthetic surgery”

Hana Rakova | Dermatologist | Esthé Laser Clinic | Prague

Esthe Klinik and myself have been using body contouring for 10 years, we have hundreds of patients who came for belly, legs or hips reduction.
I have deeply studied in details UC, I did some research by sonography, tape measurements, and participated as speaker at many congresses.