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Ultracontour  NG  from  MedixSysteme  AG  (Ruggell,   Liechtenstein)   has   eight   key   benefits  in  one  machine  from  a  hands-free protocol to multiple applicators, and painless    non-invasive    treatment    with    thermal, mechanical and vibrating effects safe  for  all  skin  types.  Ultracontour  NG  offers  up  to  20  piloted  and  custom-pro-grammed  emitters  which  can  be  placed  at various body locations simultaneously to  treat  subcutaneous  fat  in  the  arms,  belly,  legs,  buttocks  and  love  handles.  Furthermore, specific programs are avail-able for men and women.  The emitters deliver highly focalized frac-tionated ultrasound (termed sonodynamic therapy)  for  point-by-point  targeting  at  the precise depth of local adiposity from between  0.8  cm  and  1.3  cm,  but  with  the  unique  UMD  (ultrasonic  mechanical  drainage)  effect  automatically  delivering  intense  pulses  to  the  fat  in  larger  areas  automatically.  The  operator  can  choose  up to five levels of UMD power based on area treated and fat thickness. And, there are  six  UMD  belts  offering  the  flexibility  to adapt to each patient’s individual body areas. According to Fernando Gagliardi, manager of BodyContour (Luxembourg), the improve-ment  of  lymphatic  drainage  is  especially  beneficial to women during menopause or after childbirth. “Ultracontour NG provides a mechanical and thermal effect that is long-lasting for unwanted fat and cellulite. It is safe, easy to use, provides visible results over time, and can treat the full body within 20  minutes.  It  appeals  to  both  men  and  women.”

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“Before going to visit the factory that manufactures Ultracontour, I was like Régine, totally skeptical. But I quickly became convinced of the efficiency and safety of this device when I realized that it was using a technology that had been proven for a long time in the therapeutic field: the destruction of kidney stones by ultrasound.”


GQ - “As Supermáquinas”

“Ultrassom de alta intensidade.
Avibração fazas células de gordura se chocarem e se romperem.
A gordura leberada é drenada para os vasos linfáticos e eliminada nas fezes.
Perda média de 1 à 2 centímetros por sessão.”


What is it good for?
«Ultracountour is perfect for patients who have not been able to lose fat around their stomach despite exercise and diet control, » says Dr. Mahaveer Mehta. «The treatment is a completely new way of permanently removing excess body fat and an excellent answer to achieving a flatter stomach. »

What does it involve?
Ultracontour generates high power ultrasonic waves that are precisely localised to a specific area and controlled in amplitude to remove fat, » explains Dr. Mehta. « Multisequential ultrasonic waves have been specifically developed to directly breakdown the fat cells and drain the fluids and the waste immediately after the session. The results of a tummy tuck can remain for many years, but only if there is no signifcant weight gain » explains Dr. Mehta.

In comparison, the Ultracontour device from MedixSysteme , offers dual ultrasonic technology: HFU and UMD from one platform.
Using this system, physicians apply energy below the kin’s surface in the subcutaneous tissue to treat fat cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage to increase lymph and blood circulation.
According to Rafael Nunes, M.D., a plastic surgeon at Slim Clinique (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil),
“We have a lot of devices in our clinics. Ultracontour is one of the best devices to treat body reshaping non-invasively.
In my practice, the number of non-surgical procedures has increased and is now, easily, up to 70% of my business.”

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“Essa tecnologia está um passo adiante dos aparelhos de ultrassom mais antigos, comuns nas clínicas de estética.
E tem um custo menor do que outros aparelhos do mesmo nível.
O UltraContour também conta com um dispositivo que, no final da sessão, faz uma drenagem linfática, facilitando a eliminação da gordura destruída.”

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Aesthetic - Guide

The Ultracontour device from MedixSysteme offers dual ultrasonic technology in a single platform.
Employing High Focalized Ultrasound (HFU) and Ultrasound Multi-Lymphatic Drainage (UMD) transducers, energy is applied beneath the skin’s surface in the subcutaneous tissue to treat fat cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation.
The unit now comes with the U.lift module for body shaping, allowing practitioners to efficiently re-contour the body using the system’s combination therapy.


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