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First sono mechanic Therapy to Sculpt, Recontour and Reduce adipose tissue in stubborn area.

The device is dedicated to several body areas : Belly, Hips, Legs, Buttocks and Arms.

Ultracontour NG offers a unique hand free body program protocol by UMD, that is completed by 2 focal hand pieces (UC and U.Lift).



Medixsysteme AG develops technologies based on focused ultrasound, by using acoustic lens (gold piezo ceramics) you concentrate multiple intersecting beams of ultrasound to target at a precise depth in the body with extreme precision and accuracy. Depending on the design of the lens and the ultrasound parameters, the target can be micro or macro focused, the emitters can shape the beams in Lines or dots. The emission can be continuous or fractionated.



Automatic program, piloted by friendly software to run sequential chains of transducers UMD. The treatment stimulates the fat cells areas in view of contouring and boosting elimination by the lymphatic system. The UMDs emit Triple Pulsed Fractionated sequences for vibrating mechanical ultrasonic effect on fat cells. The One, Two, Three effects results in Sculpt, Treat fat cells, and operates Drainage in one UMD paddle only. UMDs are also efficient on various kinds of cellulite by stimulating collagen regrowth and improving skin aspect

Non Invasive

Hands Free

All Skin Types

Quick Treatments

Multiple Applicators

Mechanical Effect

Thermal Effect



8 Features

Who are the right candidates for Ultracontour NG?

The ideal candidates for UC NG are those who have a healthy lifestyle but have problem areas on their body that they struggle with, despite their diet and exercise efforts.
Ultracontour procedure is dedicated to local extra adipose tissue on 4 areas:  Belly,  Hips/ Flanks, Legs, Arms.

Ask your physician's opinion for a personalised protocol.

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