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Régine, 40 years

"I lost 10cm on the abdomen in six sessions."

"After my third pregnancy, pounds had settled on my abdomen. I tried everything I could to remedy it, but it didn't work. Determined to regain a more elegant figure, I was ready to move towards a surgical solution, liposuction. But the consulting surgeon advised me to a non-invasive alternative: a protocol of six sessions with a new machine, Ultracontour. This unexpected proposition left me very skeptical, but at the physician's insistence, I tried a session to find out.

The practitioner scrupulously takes various measurements of the area concerned, then I lie down and the session begins. Act one: entry into the scene of focused ultrasound. The doctor lubricates the epidermis with a specific gel and then gently moves the transducer tip over my abdomen. I feel absolutely nothing. Act two: the ultrasound transducers massage draining take over, held in place on my stomach using elastic belts. I look like a mummy!

I was expecting a mechanical massage that would knead my cellulite. Not at all! It is the ultrasound, transmitted by the electrodes, that causes a drainage inside my body. On the sensation side, still nothing special. At the end of the session, for a total duration of about forty-five minutes, my skin is slightly rosy and my abdomen shows a circumference reduction of two centimeters. A week later, the result remained stable.

"I'm impressed and make an appointment for a second session. Again, two centimeters less. I'm starting to put on bent blouses, which I couldn't even button two weeks ago. After six sessions, with ten centimeters less, my stomach melted completely. Seven months have now passed since the beginning of treatment, and my bust is still as harmonious as ever. No surgical procedure. Magic!"

The practitioner's view :

Before going to visit the factory that manufactures Ultracontour, I was like Régine, totally skeptical. But I quickly became convinced of the efficiency and safety of this device when I realized that it was using a technology that had been proven for a long time in the therapeutic field: the destruction of kidney stones by ultrasound. Another highlight: each ultrasound impact destroys 20% of the fat cells present in the treated area. The device being set to emit 132 impacts per session, many adipocytes are thus eliminated. As for the drainage which constitutes the second stage of the session, it relaunches a lazy metabolism. As a result, the patient's fluid needs increase, urinary elimination intensifies and thinning begins. But be careful, Ultracontour is not suitable for all patients. It is not suitable for people who are excessively overweight or whose fat tissue is not thick enough."

Dr. Genevieve Rossi, Dermatologist

Emmanuelle, 51 years

"It gave me a real youthful kick"

In my family, all women are round. Since I was a teenager, I have used a multitude of diets and liposuction to help me maintain a harmonious figure, and my small belly has been erased by liposuction.

But since I was 50 years old, I had lost control over the situation. The needle on the scale was climbing at the slightest dietary deviation and I ended up with a large pair of pants. As a bonus, my skin looked like orange peel. So what to do about it?

"Not wanting to go back on the operating table for another liposuction, and being fed up with diets that carve deep lines into my face while the fat is stuck on my thighs! It was through my physiotherapist that I learned about the Ultracontour device, and I immediately contacted a medical doctor who had one. During the first session, I was suspicious. As the treatment is painless, except for a few tingling sensations barely perceptible during the phase of focalized ultrasounds, a very slight warmth is felt during the phase of ultrasound draining massage, and then an irresistible urge to pee, I thought it was just another gadget.

At the end of the session, when my thighs had lost a centimeter and a half, I was still skeptical, convinced that this result would disappear the next day. Every day the following week, I measured them and the result remained. An encouraging result,  so that I followed the practitioner's advice. After the second session, to boost the effect of draining ultrasound and activate fat elimination, I walked home.

“Each time, the results increase gradually. After six sessions, I lost five centimeters per thigh. My skin is smoother, firmer. This new silhouette gave me a real youthful look. I wear tight jeans, and my family and friends think I look great!"

The practitioner's view :

It is interesting to note that Emmanuelle does not mention the number of kilos lost, but the centimeters. What she wants, like all women, is to have a harmonious figure. And that's exactly what Ultracontour brings. At each session, ultrasound destroys the most superficial layer of fat cells. This leads to a reduction in the circumference of the treated area. For proof, the results of a clinical study involving twenty-five women who followed a protocol of five Ultracontour sessions. The measurements were evaluated by sonography, a very sophisticated method for measuring the thickness of fat tissue. Fifteen days after the last session, each woman had an average reduction of 1.98 cm in the depth of fat tissue at the hips, 1.75 cm for the abdomen and 1.6 cm for the thighs. This is equivalent, in circumference, to an average reduction of 4.25cm for the abdomen, 3.51cm for the hips and 3.61cm per thigh. Very satisfactory results, which remain stable provided, of course, that you have a healthy lifestyle: healthy diet, moderate daily physical exercise, such as walking.

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